Tips for PCS Moves & Other Transitions

For children and adults with autism, unforeseen changes, or transitions, can be especially difficult and can sometimes lead to tantrums, meltdowns, and other potentially disruptive behavior. Military service is rife with transitions of all sorts for service members and by extension their families. Anticipation, prior planning, and even rehearsals in varying forms help children with autism successfully cope with transitions.

Defining Transitions

For children with autism, most changes of environment are transitions. Regardless of whether the changes are significant or only small disruptions to daily life, transitions can prove difficult and produce challenges for the child and his or her support network.

Preparing for PCS Moves

While moving can be a difficult transition for anyone, it can be especially challenging for children with autism as it entails significant and sudden environmental changes. This section provides some helpful hints to make the move as smooth as possible for the entire family.

Suggested Readings

Want to learn more about coping with change? The articles in this section have been featured in The OARacle, OAR's monthly newsletter, and provide insight on various transition challenges commonly experienced by people with autism and their families.