Autism Links

American Academy of Pediatrics: Autism
Organization of 60,000 pediatricians committed to the attainment of optimal physical, mental, and social health and well-being for all infants, children, adolescents, and young adults. The AAP Web site provides a wide range of support, from general information related to child health to specific guidelines and resources for autism.

Association for Science in Autism Treatment
ASAT is a not-for-profit organization of parents and professionals committed to improving the education, treatment, and care of people with autism.

Autism Society of America
ASA promotes community involvement of individuals with autism spectrum disorders through education, advocacy, and public awareness campaigns. The ASA Web site lists state and local chapters and provides resources for parents, including legislative information, and answers to frequently asked questions from parents about autism spectrum disorders.

Autism Speaks
Autism Speaks funds global biomedical research into the causes, prevention, treatments and cute for autism. This Web site provides general information about autism, research and resources for support and offers some excellent resources for parents and teachers.

Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies
The internationally-recognized resource for quality information about behavior, including scientifically validated information about the causes of autism and the Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) approach to treating it.

The May Institute
Provides research-validated services to children and adults with autism, brain injury, mental retardation, pervasive developmental disorder.

The National Autism Center
The National Autism Center (NAC) is a non-profit organization that provides reliable information and offers resources for people affected by autism spectrum disorders. The NAC supports evidence-based treatment approaches and shares the results with families. In 2009, NAC completed and published the National Standards Project, which evaluated and categorized autism interventions and therapies.

The National Autistic Society (information available in various languages)
A charity in the UK that helps advocate for the rights and interest of all people with an autism spectrum disorder. This society provides help, support and services. This Web site contains information about autism spectrum disorders as well as various services and activities.

The National Association for the Dually Diagnosed
NADD provides education, training and information on mental health issues relating to persons with intellectual or developmental disabilities.

Center for Parent Information and Resources (CPIR)
Previously, National Information Center for Children and Youth with Disabilities (NICHCY). A central source of information on disabilities in infants, toddlers, children, and youth; special education legislation; No Child Left Behind as it relates to children with disabilities; and research-based information on effective educational practices.

The National Institute of Child Health and Human Development - Autism Site
One of several Institutes doing research into various aspects of autism, including causes, prevalence, and treatments. The site provides easy access to the most current information about NICHD research projects, publications, news releases, and activities related to autism.

Organization for Autism Research (OAR)
Non-profit organization that uses applied science to answer questions that parents, families, individuals with autism, teachers and caregivers confront daily.

rethink autism
Rethink autism provides affordable ABA based teaching tools for parents to use at home.

Treatment and Education of Autistic and Communications Handicapped Children (TEACCH)
The TEACCH program is located at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. This Web site offers information about autism as well as various educational approaches.



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