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Integrated Classrooms Benefit Both Kids With Autism And Their Peers
September 20th, 2017

children + featured imageThis piece originally appeared on the Huffington Post and is re-posted here with permission. My oldest son came home one day with an excellent idea. Little did we know how it would shape all our lives to come. In Grade 4, Liam handed me an application to attend Montreal’s Mackay Centre Schoolwhere he, as a typically...

The Sleep Cycle
September 13th, 2017

babyhappysmileinfanttoddlerkidchildchildrenfamilymomdadmotherfatherlifelivinghomefeaturedimageAh, Summer! Typically known by many as a “break” from the rigor and routine of the school year. Whether or not you have school-age children in your home, our lives still revolve loosely around this schedule. Ever try planning a work meeting in August? AAAHHHHH, Summer!!!! For parents of those who happen to have Autism...

Fitness and Autism
September 6th, 2017

tennisshoesplaysportsathleteathleticsshopshoppingrunexerciseathletefeaturedimageWhen we discuss ASD, we rarely discuss fitness for children on the spectrum. While it is becoming clear that the people on the autism spectrum need and benefit from physical activity, there are still very few fitness and exercise programs for the population on the spectrum. Fitness activities should be more integrated into school, gyms,...

5 Practical Tips for Teaching Students with Autism
August 30th, 2017

book+featuredimageNext in our back to school series, self-advocate Ron Sandison shares his tips for educators teaching children on the autism spectrum. My sister-in-law is a two time teacher of the year winner for her county with sixteen years of experience. Her first teaching assignment lasted just two weeks. She was hired as assistant teacher of...

10 Thoughts on Starting School – Autism Edition
August 23rd, 2017

schoolkidschildstudentlearnfeaturedimageAs back to school season is underway, a mom shares her thoughts on her son’s progress over the years. This post was originally published on Lauren’s blog, Laughing… Like It’s My Job.   1. I am always learning something new about my 16 year old.  We typically begin our school prep about 2 weeks before the...

What Holds Self-Advocates Back
August 16th, 2017

safetytrafficlightroadroutetravelcommuteskygostopslowfeaturedimageElaina Fernandez is a 2016 Schwallie Family Scholar. Entering her second year at University of Montevallo, she shares her views on the ignorance and the lack of awareness about autism around her. As a person with Autism Spectrum Disorder, I believe that the main factor holding back autistic people today – as it has been for...

Traveling and Autism 2/2
August 9th, 2017

bikebicycleexerciseathleteoutdoorsraincityjobfeaturedimageIn this original blog, autism professional Elisse Bachman lays a humorous eye on traveling with a family member on the Spectrum. This blog is divided in two posts, the first of which was published last week, on August 2. And that’s what it’s like when you FINALLY get on the plane.  Where do you sit?...

Help Us Win $50,000 to Support Employment of Individuals with Autism
August 8th, 2017

ha-featVote every day from now until August 31st to help Hire Autism win $50,000! Hire Autism maintains an autism-friendly jobs portal for job seekers on the spectrum and employers willing to consider them for employment.

Traveling and Autism 1/2
August 2nd, 2017

travelexploreconfidenthappygrownewyorkcitylifelivingsensorysensesfeaturedimageIn this original blog, autism professional Elisse Bachman lays a humorous eye on traveling with a family member on the spectrum. This blog is divided in two posts, the second of which will be published next week, on August 9. The beginning….I’d like to say, congratulations if you are traveling with an autistic family member. ...

A Love for Dinosaurs
July 26th, 2017

mentalhealthstigmadisabilityanxietyautismmedicalprofessionaltherapyfeaturedimageABA therapy is often an essential part of a child’s with autism’s treatment plan. Through weekly visits, and shared successes, ABA centers often take up a big role in the daily lives of families with members on the autism spectrum. Action Behavior Centers has chosen to share some of these success stories with the OAR community....