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Operation Autism directly supports U.S. military families touched by autism and autism spectrum disorders. It serves as an introduction to autism, a guide for the life journey with autism, and a ready reference for available resources, services, and support.


Cereal for Dinner
Organization for Autism Research


March 27th, 2015 | (0)

Learning to be flexible is a process that isn’t always easy. Lauren Jordan, OAR guest ...

Asking For, Needing, Help
Organization for Autism Research


March 20th, 2015 | (0)

Sometimes, asking for help is easier said than done. ...

Latest News

March 27th, 2015
UK Toys R Us Locations Host Autism-Friendly Experiences

To support World Autism Awareness week, Toys R Us locations across the United Kingdom are hosting autism-friendly experiences. On March ...

March 25th, 2015
Lack of Services and Research to Support Adults with Autism

Out of the $400 million spent on autism research each year, the majority is allocated for genetics research and early ...

March 24th, 2015
New Software Platform Helps Autism Clinicians and Therapists

Nightingale, a startup tech company working to improve the efficiency and quality of autism therapy, released a software platform for ...